Festive Fun – Creating “Fine Art”

By Frank Thomson

In puzzling over different ways to transform an image into “fine art”, I had fun with this approach.

As a start, I chose an inspirational image of a Schynige Platte rack railway carriage and rotated it by 45 degrees. To keep track of what I was doing, I copied the background layer.


Then I made a narrow rectangular selection and created a new layer from the selected area.

I used the Free Transform and stretched the selection sideways until I had a roughly square area. Inverting the image produced the negative colour

Another copy, a rotational transformation through 90 degrees, plus a colour inversion gives  this

By changing the blending mode to Multiply we get  a not quite tartan look.

As a final touch apply curves to lighten the image

This must be original art because, in writing up this article for our Newsletter,  I was unable to recreate exactly the original tartan nightmare entry into the recent “Fine Art” Competition which is shown below.

You can also experiment with this artistry in Elements, using levels instead of curves in the final step.


2 responses to “Festive Fun – Creating “Fine Art”

  1. Really creative Frank – I would never have guessed how this image had been made. Well done

  2. How on earth did you come up with this marvellous idea?!? It’s totally different for a single pixel change in the original image! Hours of fun!!

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