New Cameras: Canon G1X, Nikon D4 and Fuji X Pro1

Canon is swimming against the tide somewhat with the release of the G1 X – a camera that embraces the large-sensors used by most mirrorless cameras, but foregoing the interchangeable lenses to create a relatively compact all-rounder.

The camera combines a 28-112mm equivalent, F2.8-5.8 stabilized zoom with a 14MP sensor just a fraction smaller than those in Canon’s DSLRs. 2012 looks likely to be a year of new mirrorless cameras. Further details of the new Canon can be found here   Thanks to Frank for this

Meanwhile at the other end of the market, Nikon have announced their new professional  DSLR, the D4.  It’s tough as old boots with a magnesium alloy body frame, which makes an unusual and interesting image in it’s own right.

An overview of the Nikon can be found here

And a new compact system camera has been announced by Fuji – the X Pro1. A 16mp sensor , an optical and electronic viewfinder and interchangeable lens. Details are  here


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