The new monthly Journal for PPS Members

Welcome to the new Journal of the Ponteland Photographic Society.

The Journal  aims to keep PPS members up to date with all that’s new in the photographic world as well as what’s happening in the Society.

The Journal makes use of WordPress in a blog format which allows members to comment or discuss articles already posted. It can be easily updated so items can appear in a more timely fashion than waiting for the monthly newsletter and photographs can now be displayed in full resolution.

This latter point is particularly important in allowing images, for example the detail in screengrabs of Photoshop tutorials, to be viewed at a higher resolution that was possible in the old Newsletter.

The new Journal will replace the existing Newsletter and members will receive a monthly email which will summarise and highlight new items appearing that month, together with a link  to take members directly to the new Journal.

We hope this will prove to be a welcome addition to Ponteland Photographic Society’s members electronic communications to help us all to stay in touch!

The Journal allows members to easily comment on any item and this may open up discussion about new techniques and images.


4 responses to “The new monthly Journal for PPS Members

  1. As stated at the meeting, a good step forward.

  2. Another opportunity for me to expand my knowledge horizon.

  3. There is also a link to this page on the front of the main PPS website in case you forget the address!

  4. I have enjoyed a quick look at this site whilst still thawing out after a freezing, wet visit to Alnmouth yesterday. 3 photos of little note on the link below . Did anyone get anything other than frostbite?

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