Programme Evaluation Questionnaire – the Results

From Veronica, who says  “Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the questionnaire.

You will see from the summary that in general you are happy with the overall programme.You have made some suggestions for new initiatives which I will be exploring.

Should you wish to discuss please do not hesitate to contact me”

Seven members returned the questionnaire and the results are summarised as follows:

Most Enjoyed

  • Simon Allen
  • Tynemouth Evening
  • Variety and range of topics.
  • Print Competition.
  • Members Evenings.
  • Workshops.
  • Visiting Speakers.
  • One Shot

Least Enjoyed

  • Audio Visual
  • Aspects of image manipulation.
  • Fine Art Competition.
  • Audio Visual.
  • Speakers who show only one subject.

See Continued

  • Members Evenings
  • Everything..
  • Outings.

See Discontinued

  • Nothing
  • Mince Pies

New Topics

  • Monthly discussion on member interpretation of a given topic.
  • More tutorials from Frank.
  • Layers.
  • Group evening outings to say – Tanfield / Beamish.

More or Less of  

  • More member involvement.
  • More Guest Speakers of the calibre of Simon Allen.

Anything else

  • A review of quality competition entries with structured discussion opportunities.
  • Joint evening with another club e.g. History Society.
  • Feedback from outings should be combined with another evening.
  • Winning member to discuss /explain image and techniques.
  • Session on making image suitable for entry to competition..
  • Screen calibration.
  • Printer calibration
  • Club Group Project on a set subject working with others over a few weeks – results to be displayed.
  • Care with dates re Guest speakers e.g. close to Christmas and other Bank Holidays
  • Investigate possibility of club external studio session.
  • Night Out – Curry Night.
  • Drink at Diamond after club night.

2 responses to “Programme Evaluation Questionnaire – the Results

  1. Exactly what is meant by

    “More or Less of More member involvement”

  2. “More or less of” should have been formatted as the heading, with the two items showed as indented bullet points. It’s now corrected.

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