Big Cat Safari Michael Balfour

This offering has a dual purpose.

Firstly as a complement to Kath Guellard’s  article on the hazards of feline photography.   The joys of a wild life safari will be appreciated by anyone who has tried it in Tanzania, just a bit if fun really.

Secondly to demonstrate the capability of a new AV programme that I recently came across.  All a bit rushed as I have only got another 3 days of the free trial left, but I did find it very easy to use and possessing the big merit of being able to do everything within the one programme.

You can have any number of picture tracks which makes the business of  fading in and out very easy.  The same is true of audio tracks although the programme will only handle a single video clip.  I thought it worth including this AV so that you can see for yourselves.

The programme is called “DGFECTS” and is I think produced by a small Dutch business who have so far been very helpful.   I think I will buy a copy when my free time runs out. You can have a look at the software on their website :

Hope this is at least of some interest.


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