Colour or B&W?

Our judge last week drew attention to the use of monochrome to enhance the impact of some images.

This is of course very much a matter of personal taste, but it’s true that conversion to B&W can change the feel of an image dramatically.

This is a view of the church belltower at a small village called Suzette overlooking the foothills of Mt. Ventoux. The village is well known for it’s picturesque restaurant surrounded by vines and with the best pizzas in Provence on it’s menu.

Below is a Mono conversion in Photoshop with some adjustment of the colour sliders to enhance the impact of the pantiles, the sky and particularly the white cloud.

So which do you prefer and why?

The mono conversion is straightforward in Photoshop CS. Click on Image/Adjustments/Black & White which then reveals the conversion sliders as follows

There are several presets you can try or simply play with the sliders to get the effect you want. Try it on one of your own images.


One response to “Colour or B&W?

  1. Personally I prefer the colour in this case because the colours are so lovely and saturated but the B&W works well too!

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