The Darkroom that Time Forgot

Last Monday, Kevin took us back to the days of “real” film photography and showed us an amazing collection of cameras.

Following that theme, my wife spotted this article about Edward Chambré Hardman, Liverpool’s most celebrated photographer – or rather his house.

Completely original, down to the post-war rations in the kitchen cupboard, bakelite telephone in the office, the building is now preserved for posterity by the National Trust and open to visitors.

Hardman used the house as a portrait studio and darkroom.

But his real love was for landscapes and his pictures of the Liverpool docks from the 1940s, 50s and 60s serve as an important historical record of the period.

Using his Rolliflex Camera he captured the HMS Ark Royal being painted white to prepare for its launch from the Cammell Laird shipyard by the former Queen Mother.

I wonder what the current generation of “celebrated photographers” will leave behind? An ageing Windows PC , a few memory cards and not much else?

Read the full article here.                                                                                               Gary


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