Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta

Hard on the heels of Lightroom 4, the release of the Adobe Photoshop CS6 Public Beta gives both new and current users the chance to explore the latest additions to the company’s venerable image editing application. In what has now become the norm for Adobe, full version updates of Photoshop are preceded by a public beta period. This is intended not only to generate excitement about new features but to glean user feedback before the final shipping release. The beta software is available for download free of charge at Adobe Labs.

The entire user interface has received a makeover, with a new color scheme and redesigned icons. Content-Aware technology has been applied to both the Patch tool a brand new Move tool. A collection of photographic blur filters is introduced and video editing support has been expanded.

DPReview takes a look at the new features and the Beta version of CS6 is a free download from Adobe here.

Adobe TV has this video of Julieanne Kost’s  favourite 6 features in Photoshop CS6 including improved processing in Adobe Camera Raw, the intuitive new Blur Gallery, time-saving type styles, re-engineered Shape layers, powerful video editing tools, and the redesigned Crop tool, and auto-select interpolation.

Over the coming days we will see many more presentations of the new features in CS6 to help us decide whether we are going to spend a lot of money upgrading to this new version.

No date is given for the final/full version of CS6 but on previous experience this might be expected to be in the next 2/3 months.  And there is no pricing information yet!


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  1. There are also a lot of short videos at

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