Patterns from your Images

I commented at the AGM last Monday that one of the best things about being part of a group like PPS is taking inspiration and learning new techniques from hearing what other members are doing in their photography.

So I was fascinated to see Alastair’s pattern images on his PPS gallery page made from his Chicago photos. I had no idea how they were made but thought I would give it a try.

I started with this photo of a tree taken a few weeks ago; the LH image is out of camera, the RH version was processed quickly in ReVitalise, the Mac version of the low cost “HDR effect” filter ReDynamix.

I liked the monochrome effect and the fine tracery of the branches against the sky, but the balance of the image is wrong, with leaves and branches going out of frame on the LH side.

So in Photoshop, I selected the RH half of the image, copied it (Edit/Copy/Paste) then flipped it horizontally (Edit/Transform/Flip Horizontal). By dragging the new flipped selection to the LH side of the image, lined up exactly with it’s RH mirror image, I created this Pattern.

Which I liked better.

Last Monday Alastair told me that his pattern images were created using a free software download called Mehdi Kaleidoscope V2.1 which is a plugin for Photoshop. All the details are here.

The results can be spectacular – have a look at this Flickr page  (referred to by Alastair) of someone who “occasionally uses the Mehdi filter”.

You can see that these images are much more complex than my basic mirror flip above. Have a look at Alastair’s “Love Chicago” (below) and try to work out what the original image looked like and just how this delicate wave pattern was created.

And also his Chicago Fire Escape below.

More of Alastair’s images can be seen here on his Flickr page.

I think the potential to get new ideas and to learn interesting new things at PPS, often from other members rather than visiting speakers, is one of the biggest rewards of being a member.

Perhaps you have been trying a new filter or some new technique, or have just got an item of amazing new equipment. If so, why not let me know and we could write it up for the Journal?                                                                                Gary    


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