AGM and final meeting of the Season

Last Monday 31 Members attended the final meeting of the 2011-12 Season and the AGM.

Mike summarised a very successful year for the Society built around a varied and interesting programme over the 29 weeks of the season. He particularly highlighted the broadening involvement of members in talking about and presenting their images coupled with a range of excellent visiting speakers and a record number of entries to our competitions.

He thanked everyone who has helped this year, whether as part of the extensive work of the Committee, up front at meetings or behind the scenes and he hoped that this level of involvement would continue to grow.

Certificates were presented to all our competitions winners. The Tyro Trophy, which recognises significant progress in developing new skills, was awarded to Helen Bradley and was presented by Hon. President T Geoff Willey.

Veronica outlined the shape of the new programme for next season and general discussion at the end of the meeting raised suggestions about the need for a new projector and also a sound system to improve the audibility of speakers.

After the formal AGM business, Veronica taxed our knowledge with a short quiz, with conundrums ranging from “the memory span of a goldfish” to “when was the first meeting of PPS”. No surprise that the winning team was the Chairman’s?

Before the start of the AGM we welcomed the Mayor,  Peter Cowey,  and Councillor Robin Ramsay, the former Mayor, to witness T Geoff Willey signing the Diamond Jubilee Loyal Address, which is to be presented to The Queen on this special anniversary, as (one of) the town’s oldest residents. Geoff is pictured below with the Mayor, Peter Cowey.

Peter also was able to give us more details of the plans for a new town map and he hopes that members can provide some good local images for inclusion.

Thanks to Frank for these images


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