Cardboard Camera

Have a look at this strange looking digital camera made by IKEA out of cardboard. It was included as part of a press kit at an event in Europe recently, and apparently the “disposable” camera might go on sale sometime soon in IKEA stores.

It uses two AA batteries and stores up to 40 photographs in the built-in memory. Images can be downloaded to your computer using the USB connection that swings out from one of the corners of the camera.

So if you are struggling to choose between the Nikon D800 or the D800E (priced around £2600 for the body), then it might be worth waiting a few more weeks.

Chances are, within a couple of months of it’s release, the cardboard camera will acquire a large cult following, with dedicated website galleries and new apps to process your images for that “special” Ikea look.

They say it’s the photographer not the equipment that matters – so here’s a chance to prove that point.                                                                                                     

                                                                          First seen at PetaPixel.


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