99 Common Photography Problems (and how to solve them)

Digital Camera World  has a great article setting out solutions to what they call “99 common problems”. They say “we have spoken to numerous experts over the years, as well as photographers like you, who may either be just starting out or have been taking pictures for a while but keep encountering the same nagging problem. From all the conversations, we’ve noticed some common photography problems that seem to plague snappers of all ages and abilities.

Below, we’ve put together 99 of the most common photography problems and offered solutions to get round them, so you never have to be in doubt ever again! We’ve offered a mix of camera tips, explanations, definitions and more to help answer your questions. And we’ve also provided links, where appropriate, to some of our photography tutorials covering these problems in more depth.”

What follows is an extensive look at a wide range of  99 issues, with concise and useful  explanations of key facts under seven headings:

  1. General Photography Problems
  2. Using lenses
  3. Digital camera accessories
  4. Digital camera settings and controls
  5. Camera exposure
  6. Using flash
  7. Photography technique

You might be tempted to dismiss an article like this as too basic/patronising, but even a quick glance at some of the detail suggests this is a mine of information that is well worth knowing. Not only essential for those at the beginning of their photographic learning curve, but also very useful for the more experienced as well.

So have a look and see what you think.

And of course – you are bound to think of problem number 100….

And while you’re on this website, have a look at their other tips and guides. The item on ‘10 Rules of Photo Composition” looks particularly interesting.

Thanks to Ian for spotting this most useful link


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