Five a Day – it may be good for you

They say that photographers fall into one of two groups; those who go out to take photos and those who take photos when they go out.

I’m definitely in the second group. Although I sit at PPS and admire the many expert visiting speakers who have the commitment to go out time and again  with specific photographic purpose, I don’t have that focus of energy.

I wander, I observe, I look for interesting images as I go along – but only rarely do I tackle image making with more planning and organisation. And the excitement (and often the disappointment) of scanning the images when I get home is a central part of the creative process.

But today, just for a change and, more importantly in order to get something fresh for the Journal ( more of that later), I resolved to make Five new images to capture the flavour of our otherwise ordinary day.

It didn’t start well………

… this photo of hailstones at 10.00am this morning shows. Can this really be the S. of France in mid May?

But by 2.00pm the sky was a cloudless blue, the temperature around 22c. and we walked into the city. On the way I spotted this gateway to a fitness club.

I liked the colour of the gate against the receding pathway leading to who knows where.

Every few years, they prune the huge plane trees lining the boulevards. Although this removes the traditional umbrella of cool shade, the pruning creates the most amazing hard sculptures against the blue sky.

So time for a quiet drink at our favourite watering hole and a chance to watch the world go by. There is always something interesting happening if, like us, you enjoy people watching.

And finally (I promised five) we were alerted to this local wedding by the traditional hooting of car horns by the convoy of guests’ cars.

The image was spoilt by a car passing in front just as I was to press the shutter – and a moment later, the bride was hidden behind her groom! Another one gets away!

So five images – all captured on a tiny Canon Ixus point & shoot camera slipped into the pocket.  None of them great photographs, but all with some interest for us.

Part of the rationale for this ramble is the thought that we should show and discuss more of our own work in the Journal.

So which sort of photographer are you? Perhaps you have just returned from a well planned purposeful “shoot”. Or perhaps are just back like us from an afternoon walk with your camera in the pocket?

Why not let me have some of your own ‘Five a Day” latest  images for next month’s Journal? After all, you can certainly do better than my own efforts. 



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