Editing on your iPad

Rod reports that there’s a new version of iPhoto for the iPad which is receiving good reviews suggesting that “the iPad thing is really starting to take off”.

He says “I’m being asked to set these things up for the most unlikely users ie practising solicitors in their 70’s, mother’s staying in touch with children and MD’s who want to show customers their company websites”.

We already know how good the iPad is for displaying your images and slideshows. But editing?

The iPhoto app is only £2.99 downloaded from Apple. A short review of the app can be found here. There’s a reasonable range of filters and adjustments possible in iPhoto for iOS, including a quick auto-enhance for time-sensitive projects and quite a sophisticated levels tool with highlight and shadow clipping warnings. Sliders are used for quick global adjustments whereas brushes are applied using your fingertip are adopted for local adjustment. iPhoto also offers very good browsing and organising capacity for your photos.

Photoshop also have a “Touch” version designed for the iPad costing £6.99 which includes layers and selection tools including the “refine edge” function. Again a short summary review can be seen here.

When the iPad was first launched (followed by various android tablets), there was much talk about tablets being the “future of home computing”.

Whilst those of us familiar with Photoshop on our laptops and desktops may feel that editing our images on the iPad leaves a lot to be desired, it may be that we are seeing the early steps towards something a lot more sophisticated for the future.


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