How much do we care about small details?

It’s sometimes hard to care about tiny details in photographs. And even harder when it’s other people’s images.

So if you’ve not already lost the will to read further – here’s a questions I’ve been grappling with.

Last week in Cannes I spotted this  – essentially a pattern picture which looked interesting with the traditional white tents of the Cannes Festival framing some boats.

What I didn’t spot however was the helicopter hovering just in shot near the tip of the left hand tent.

So – does this spoil the image? Here it is with the offending machine removed.

I can’t make up my mind – the revised version seems “neater” (in a symmetrical sense) but the original is more “edgy” and perhaps therefore more interesting?

It will of course be hard for any of you to care – but nevertheless I’d welcome any views.                                                               Gary


One response to “How much do we care about small details?

  1. Interestingly I spotted the blob on my phone screen which drew my attention but then the large orange bouy fought for attention.
    It’s a nice photo but I think you need to lose both items because they unbalance the picture and draw my eye.
    I guess you could lose both by waiting for the ‘copter to move on and re-positioning to lose the tall orange bouy thus avoiding PS altogether!

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