Photoshop CS6 Little Secrets

Scott Kelby is widely recognised as an authoritative tutor on Photoshop.

So his short video on some of the lesser known new features in Photoshop CS6 is worth a look.

Have you had a chance yet to use CS6, either the Beta or the trial version?

I used the Beta version for several weeks  and found it fine, although I wasn’t overwhelmed by any new features. The new appearance of the interface is very similar to Lightroom which I use a lot.

The content aware move tool had lots of publicity, but so far I’ve found it works best only when the background is relatively uncomplicated – like sky or grass.

It would be interesting to hear what you think of the new CS6 – so let us know if you have tried it yet.

Although it’s had relatively little publicity so far, I find the new subscription service for CS6 interesting. For £14.29 (+VAT) a month, you get to use CS6 and have it updated whenever there is a new version released. It’s a bit like paying for Sky TV – uncomfortable at first when we were used to a free to air service, but now routinely used by many people for all their TV entertainment.

I wonder whether our use of Photoshop (and many other very expensive pieces of software) will go the same way?                                                                       Gary


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