Making a Photo Collage

Sometimes called a “joiner’, this technique was made fashionable by David Hockney with images like his “Pearblossom Highway” (below).

A collage is a large photographic image made up of a number of separate exposures of the same scene, joined together. How you shoot these individual pictures, and how you join them defines the type of collage you’re going to make. You can go naturalistic – where you’d aim to minimise or hide the joins between the separate images (like a panorama stitching technique), or you can play around and produce a more impressionistic effect.

The DPReview website has just published a short “how to do it” guide to making images like this.

The results can often be interesting, and more of a personal impression than  a traditional wide angle “landscape” view.

Some time ago I attempted a “joiner” of a friends’ house. More difficult than I thought –  narrow streets and very tall buildings made it impossible to get any sort of “correct” perspective. What I ended up with was  an “interesting” and somewhat quirky impression, but a long way from an accurate representation of their street.

Have a look at this Flickr site for some examples of the genre, get some inspiration and have a go yourself.                                                      Gary


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