An image of two halves?

With the Euros in full swing, it seems a good time to take a look at this exhibition by photographer Jeronimo Fantini (no – he isn’t a midfield player for Italy).

In a square format, these photographs are bisected exactly in the middle by the horizon, breaking just about every “rule” in the composition book.

Now here’s an idea for the next Set Subject competition – and just think what fun we can have listening to the judge comment on  the composition!

But don’t be too quick to criticise. The top image reminds me of this photograph of The Rhine which sold at Christie’s last year for over $4m.



2 responses to “An image of two halves?

  1. I’ve been breaking this rule for years…..and no, the judges don’t like it!!!

  2. It would be fun if we did have such a competition and everyone’s entry followed these lines and to see the judge’s reaction. marjorie.

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