How Well do You See Colour?

Ian suggests that we have a go at this quick colour test on the xrite website.

If you have calibrated your monitor you should get better results. Rod has our Spder calibration tool which is very easy to use and you can see the result immediately. If you haven’t tried this yet, Rod is telling us all about it on September 17th.

Ian doesn’t tell us how he did on the test………


One response to “How Well do You See Colour?

  1. Wow – don’t you hate Ian for finding these things!
    Took at least 10 minutes to do and scored 4. Apparently 0 is good. Must be the number of blocks which are incorrectly positioned……
    Be interesting to do this with an uncalibrated monitor to see the differerences. PPS have two sets of calibtation equipment available for members. Please try one – it’s quite straightforward and makes a huge difference to the photographs you’re viewing.

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