Mobile Phone Photography

In our usual wide ranging discussion at last Monday’s Committee meeting, we strayed into reflecting how much and how quickly photography is changing. The implication behind this premise is that photo clubs are often slow to respond.

Nowhere more so than the use of mobile phone to capture images. Many “serious” amateur photographers are likely to dismiss this as not “proper” photography, believing that it’s only good for social networking. And indeed we might argue that the current fashion for Instagram images, often of the most mundane content processed using heavy filtration, is doing creative photography no favours.

But a more objective appraisal confirms that the iPhone (as just one example) is capable of capturing some stunning images. Lets start with this one of Sycamore Gap, taken with Suzanne’s iPhone on our recent outing.

Even a cursory search of the web reveals a growing genre of “fine art” iPhone images.

The annual iPhone Photography Award Competition  2012  includes these images amongst the winners.

Of course if you are wanting to produce A3 fine art prints, today’s  iPhone will struggle against the 20Mp quality of a DSLR. But for digital or web display there is more of a level playing field.

So what’s your view of this? Should we dismiss it or take it more seriously?  How about showing some of your own mobile phone photos? And perhaps we might think about our first iPhone club competition soon?

Remember – the best camera is the one you have with you.


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