Planning for the New Season

The PPS Committee met last Monday evening to finalise planning for the new Season which commences on 10 September.

The new Programme is on the PPS website and now includes details of Competition Judges. There are two Print Competitions in the early part of the season – the Open Print on 29 October and the Set Subject on 10 December (entry submission dates to be notified soon). The Set Subject is “Newcastle Life” and Members should be out and about now with their cameras and creativity to capture images which reflect this theme.

We have agreed that the existing limits on file sizes (1024×768 pixels ) for our own Digital Image Competitions should be relaxed. Digital entries for our own competitions can now be any size – although members will want to keep JPG file sizes manageable in terms of email & handling to Chris (Competition Secretary). This reflects the trend for increased size and quality of image files out of camera. Chris is revising the formal Competition Rules  – more details soon.

Other Committee decisions include:

  • to purchase audio amplification equipment for our meetings, following the issue being raised at the last AGM
  • further work on options to improve the quality of our digital projector, as raised at the AGM

One theme of the new Season’s Programme is the more active involvement of members generally in showing images and talking about their photography. Last year’s successful series of “Members Evenings” is being repeated and Bill (Members Coordinator) is circulating an explanatory note (see separate item above) giving details of what these involve and how to participate.

The new Season begins four weeks next Monday on 10 September. We look forward to seeing you then.


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