Members Presentation Evenings 2012-13

There are six Members Presentation Sessions this season:-

19th Nov 2012 Top Ten Images
26th Nov 2012 Image Interpretation
17th Dec 2012 Three of a Kind
7th Jan 2013 Six Months in The Life
4th Feb 2013 Images from the Longest and Shortest Days
8th Apr 2013 Top Ten Images

As the Member Coordinator my job is to enlist volunteers, liaise with presenters, offer help and support if required, and make arrangements for images to be displayed on the night.

To help members decide which session they would like to take part in, I have given brief descriptions of the requirements of the presentations as follows:-

TOP TEN IMAGES (two sessions) Each of the four volunteers will be asked to select 10 images taken by them, which have a special meaning, and to present these images giving an explanation of why they are so special, together with editing techniques used. Alternatively two members who wish to share a place can present 5 images each.

IMAGE INTERPRETATION Again there are four participants, who must have the ability to interpret and manipulate images. They will each submit 4 images, 3 of which will be selected to be manipulated by the other three club members. The fundamental make-up of the image should not be changed, with the exception of the sky, and no ‘alien’ item can be added to the image. The participants will present the images, again giving an explanation as to why and how each image was interpreted/manipulated.

THREE OF A KIND Several ‘subject topics’ will be chosen by the Coordinator – say 10. e.g. Cars, Beach, Flowers, Street scene, Horses, Dogs, Cats, Post Boxes etc., Three cards will be prepared for each subject. All cards will be  ‘shuffled’ The ten volunteers who will participate in the exercise, will select three cards each – subject unknown. They will then take images based upon their selection.

The volunteers will submit information on the images taken to help the coordinator who will be responsible for collating them and showing them on the evening. Images may be edited as long as the owner provides detailed information as to how and what was done.

SIX MONTHS IN THE LIFE  The four contributors should have taken at least 4 images per month over the six months leading up to the presentation. From these they should select 6 images and explain where, when and how they were taken, and why they were selected for presentation on the night.

IMAGES FROM THE LONGEST AND SHORTEST DAYS This will be an opportunity for members who took images on the days in question to show up to 4 images at a club night and explain as to what they were trying to achieve, and what editing was done to the final image.

Bill Norfolk – Member Coordinator


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