New Camera Trends?

Photokina  is only a few days away and camera manufacturers continue to release their new models.

Nikon have now announced the much anticipated D600, a 24Mp full frame DSLR, said to be the “least expensive” full frame camera on the market.

Meanwhile, Sony have announced a clutch of new cameras, including their own full frame DSLR and, perhaps more interestingly, a full frame compact camera – the RX1 with a fixed 35mm f2 Zeiss lens.

I’m wondering if this suggests an increasing interest in full frame cameras and perhaps an implication that pixel counts on the smaller sensors may have (temporarily?) reached a limit?

This chart of camera sensor sizes reveals just what differences exist between types of cameras.

Full frame sensors mean less densely packed photo pixels which usually means less noise at higher ISO settings. The larger sensors can also give you more depth of field control.

Meanwhile, the new iPhone 5 announced yesterday seems to have the same camera as it’s predecessor – with no apparent upgrade.

Plenty of hardware news to keep up with and no doubt more to come. The latest camera news can be found at dpreview website.


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