And yet more new Cameras…..

More new cameras announced just ahead of Photokina, with press releases from Olympus, Panasonic and Canon. Perhaps most interesting is the much anticipated 6D full frame DSLR from Canon which goes head to head with the new Nikon D600.

It has a 20Mp sensor and ISO range from 100-25600 and includes GPS and WiFi as standard.

It’s early days to see how the Nikon and Canon compare for image quality etc but I detect a lack of excitement in some of the first impression reviews.

For example, dpreview concludes by saying “Overall, though, it’s difficult to shake the feeling that the EOS 6D simply lacks the ‘wow’ factor of its main rival. Whereas Nikon seems to have taken the approach of taking away as little as possible from D800 when creating the D600, Canon appears almost to have gone the other way, removing as much as it thinks it can get away with at the price. The result is the kind of conservative, slightly unimaginative design that’s become the company’s hallmark. It’s still bound to be a very good camera, of course; just perhaps not quite as good as it could be.”


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