Software and Plug-ins

Last night’s PPS “How to” session covered a lot of ground on software and plug-in options.

One issue that emerged was how  new features are added into later versions of the software.  You may be interested to see how different versions of both Photoshop CS and also Elements compare in terms of key features – click on either link to see the relevant comparison table and check how successive versions include specific new features.

The internet is an excellent source of tutorial material for most software. A simple Google will reveal lots of links to both video and written tutorials. If you have not seen it before , have a look at Adobe TV which has excellent videos on Photoshop, Lightroom and Elements.

Scott Kelby was mentioned as a respected source of photoshop advice. For example , this link to his Lightroom Killer Tips website is a good example of the material available.

Finally here is a reminder of the links to some of the Plug-ins mentioned last night:

OnOne Software      Nik Software       Redynamix

All these offer a free trial download and OnOne have free downloads of cut down versions of some of their plug ins which are very good.

OnOne also have a free download of Lightroom Presets which are excellent.

So plenty of sources for you to experiment with. Why not give it a try?

And remember, PPS is a great place to get advice and help on a 1-1 basis. So if you have a problem or question, just ask.


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