Lumen Prize

The Lumen Prize is an international award that celebrates the very best fine art created digitally. The goal is to focus the world’s attention on this exciting, emerging genre of fine art through a curated competition that will find the very best examples of digitally-created art and then take this work on a global tour in 2013.

The Shortlisted images can be seen here at the Lumen website.  But this link to the Telegraph is interesting because it gives some of the background as to how each of the images was made.

For example, this image called The Church by Patrick van Roy, Belgium.

How was it made? Photomanipulation, between 30-500 photos. Each element of this photo was taken separately and assembled.

Concept: “This image of a store is like a temple of consumption where individuals come to disappear. Three crosses, with the eye of God above in the camera. A store that offers only one product, Coke, and yet people come, as if everything was normal.”

And   Departures by Jason Henthorne.

….  was “shot before sunrise using DSLR camera, a very long exposure and quite a few filters to achieve the desired in-camera effects. The image was shot in RAW then given a respectful amount of post production in Photoshop and Nik Silver Efex 2 for the black and white conversion.”

By chance, the Nik Silver Efex Plugin was one we mentioned last Monday at the “how to” session.

It’s interesting to browse through the Telegraph piece and see how some of the other images were made.


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