Look Both Ways – Alan Brown

Last night’s session with Alan Brown gave us a refreshing look at a different sort of photography.  High quality images, less constrained than normal by the traditional boundaries of  photo club composition and content and presented by Alan in a particularly challenging and entertaining way.

A flavour of Alan’s work is this image described by Alan last night simply as “my wife”.

If you want to see more of Alan’s photos, have a look at his Flickr site here and also his website here .

He assessed his photographs based on three main themes of content, form and “message”, for example suggesting this image as an allegory of modern life, with six people in the image – the three in frame and the other three at the end of the phone lines.

Much food for thought!


2 responses to “Look Both Ways – Alan Brown

  1. Some great images last night – even moreso with the thinking behind them.
    The £3 Chips image made me ponder that something which grows freely in the ground is more expensive than Wifi which costs millions to develop and an absolute fortune to run but is given away for nothing!
    Here’s Alan’s image – http://www.flickr.com/photos/reversingmirror/6785079794/in/photostream/

  2. Thought it was a really fantastic evening and very interesting to think more about the meanings behind why we take photographs and what we want other people to see from them, rather than just for the purpose of taking a picture.

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