Breaking the Composition Rules

‘There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs’   Ansel Adams

In spite of Ansel Adam’s assertion, as photographers we are still “encouraged” to follow standard compositional rules such as “thirds”, “leading lines” and so on.

Yet so many visually stunning images we see appear to disregard these “rules”

This article at dpreview offers an interesting perspective, looking at issues like “nose room”, and a discussion about eyes being in the middle of our head.

The article concludes “There is no denying, though, that certain principles seem to be harmonious and make visual sense to us. The study of composition represents an attempt to codify these universal concepts into guidelines. Be aware that not every rule or guideline is going to help every artist. However, understanding them provides useful starting points for any of us to play with the concepts behind the rule.

I will leave you with one rule that should never be broken: have fun, keep experimenting, and enjoy the journey!”


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