Taylor Wessing Portrait prize

It’s always interesting to see the winners in the annual Taylor Wessing Protrait Prize, and to ask yourself what makes these portraits sop special.

The 2012 competition is no exception and the winning images can be seen here.

This years overall winner (above) is Margarita Teichroeb, from the series Menonos, by Jordi Ruiz Cirera, a 28 year-old Spaniard living in London.

He took this photograph of a Mennonite woman in Bolivia, where he lived with different colonies and eventually won their trust. Photography is forbidden in many Mennonite communities – which partly explains the sitter’s evasiveness.

Seated in a very ordinary environment with everyday clutter, the appeal rests on the woman’s expression and the overall glow of the image.

But have a look at some of the other  images, like number 9 0r 11  in the link above, and ask whether you would have selected these as “outstanding” portraits. As ever, it reminds me I have much to learn about photography.


One response to “Taylor Wessing Portrait prize

  1. Have posted a comment on the Telegraph page that ‘some of these look like happy snaps chosen by the arty-farty set’

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