The Pleasure of Old Photographs

Last weekend I decided it was time I did some tidying up of my catalogue (so called) of images in Lightroom.

I use Adobe Lightroom for all my basic image processing, adjustments to the whole image rather than selected parts of it, which I  then do using Layers etc in Photoshop.

There are some 40000 images in the Lightroom catalogue but this excludes the majority of my B&W negatives which date back to the 1960’s and which have not so far been systematically scanned. I used to do my own processing of these, so have a collection of contact sheets.

Glancing through these contact sheets this image caught my eye.

Dating from 1989 in the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris, it shows a “Bird Man” engulfed by a feeding frenzy of birds. This was the best (compositionally) of seven frames – click on the image above for a larger version to judge the impact.

At the time I had made an 10×8 traditional print of the negative, but the benefits of working on a high res scan, allows more flexible cropping and adjustment of contrast etc to produce an image with greater impact than my original print.

The image brought back clear memories of the incident, part of a pleasurable stroll through the gardens, with lots of other photo opportunities judging from the contact sheet images.

When you have the time, it’s usually rewarding to look back over some of your old, and perhaps forgotten, images and discover new “gems” .    Gary


One response to “The Pleasure of Old Photographs

  1. Great post and totally agree…although my oldest photographs only date back 2 years, I regularly go back through them to see if there is something I see now that I didn’t necessarily see anything in earlier. Or I also go back and do different edits of older photographs, definitely opens the eyes to the opportunities one photograph can hold 🙂

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