North Tyne Print Competition

Dave Richardson APAGB was the judge at this year’s Competition evening at Wallsend on Wednesday 28th November. The final scores were as follows:

1.  Tynemouth   210 points
2.  Whitley Bay  197 points
3.  Gosforth      194 points
4.  Cramlington 189 points
5.  Ponteland  188 points
6.  Wallsend     175 points

First to show and highest scoring of our 8 prints [with 26 points] was Bill’s “Smoke in the Trees” (below). The judge praised the lovely atmosphere and the beautiful light, with varying densities of smoke and shades of green. His only criticism was the solidity of the tree towards the RHS.

Reduced Jpegs- Smoke_in_the_Trees
Second was Veronica’s “Road Works” which scored 24 points. It showed hardship and social comment. He was ambivalent about the bottle [?!].
Next up was Jess’s “Highland Cattle”. He observed it was a soft image but wonderful atmosphere, with a Ready Brek glow. 23 points.
Fourth to show was Mike’s “Forest Mist” – 22 marks. He liked the dissipated colours and the delicate green shades, but wanted some focal point.

…at this stage we were second equal with Gosforth.

Then came Kath’s “Dry Art”, atmospheric and “a British thing” queuing in the rain and triumph over adversity. He liked the idea and the effect produced. 24 points.
Sixth to show was Veronica’s “Glen Nevis” landscape. Dave loved the colours [tho’ his wife was not so sure!]. Suspected a blurred layer effect had been applied ( what!) to make it glow. He liked it, 25 marks.
Seventh was Frank’s “King’s Cross” and that got 23 marks. He liked the beautiful artistry of the roof and the sweep of the lines, tho’ not the mauve lighting.
Last to be shown was Jess’s “Bubble and Sleek” image of her dog with bubbles. It scored 21; the judge said he  liked the fur tones and the nice light on the eye. He said he was a dog lover but couldn’t relate the dog to the bubbles!! 

The highest scoring print was by Geoff Edmonds of Whitley Bay. It was an artistic, pastel effect rendering of a view in the Western Isles of Scotland.                                                                     Mike


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