Film is Alive and Well

The camera film industry may be struggling, but there are certain segments that are still profitable. One such niche is the one-time-use disposable film camera market, and Ilford Photo, which makes widely used films, papers, and chemicals, announced two new black & white disposable cameras today.

Screen shot 2012-12-05 at 07.52.02

Both cameras feature a built-in flash and can shoot up to 27 exposures on ISO 400 Ilford film.

The XP2 variant uses B&W film that can be developed using the standard C41 chromogenic color print film developing process, which allows you to have the film developed at any local camera shop (or drug store) that can develop ordinary color film.

These new high quality disposable cameras complete with Flash. UK Retail Price is expected to be in the region of £8.99 including VAT, excluding processing costs.

There is an additional option for a Process Paid version of the HP5 Plus camera. This comes packaged with a pre-paid envelope from ILFORD LAB DIRECT. Cameras returned in this envelope will have the film processed at the ILFORD Lab in the Cheshire factory, and will receive back a boxed set of 6×4 inch black and white prints. This option is expected to Retail at around £14.99.


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